About Keri

Hi, I’m Keri!


My Full story…


Hello, again. This is my first stab at writing and sharing what I have learned in my newsletter and on my blog. I am dedicated to sharing strategies, activities and products that will enhance and expand the reading experience for all involved. This is not because I know everything there is to know about reading instruction, but because I want to share what I have learned and researched throughout my career.


I have been a teacher and a school administrator for more than 15 years, in 4 different states, spread out over a 27-year period (yep, I’ve moved around a little). I have spent the last 4 years as a reading resource teacher at a high-poverty, urban elementary school.


In the middle of my teaching career, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and work in investment sales in New York City. Crazy, I know! That lasted 5 years, until I stopped reading the Wall Street Journal and started reading a new book series about a boy going to wizard school. I couldn’t put it down! It drew me right back to teaching! Thank you J.K. Rowling!


I moved south with my bonus money in my pocket (we don’t get those in teaching), got a teaching job, and started a Master’s program in Reading Education to get to the roots of learning development. I became a research junkie!


Along my journey, I learned that I not only enjoy inspiring students, but I also enjoy inspiring teachers. I went back to graduate school and earned an Ed. Specialist degree in school administration. I understand the importance of research and best-practice. If I don’t know something, I search out the answer from people who are the best at what they do.


This website includes research-based practices that I’ve learned and some recommendations of tools to use with them. If you are ready to mix-up some new recipes for reading success, then enter your email address below to subscribe!